How to identify customer needs and manage expectations in 2020

We talked to everyday customers to see what their biggest frustrations were with eCommerce – here were their top 3

A business is nothing without its customers – so making sure your brand satisfies customer needs will help encourage them to make repeat purchases from your online store.

COVID-19 has brought about a myriad of delivery issues, with brands needing to adapt to the landscape in order to meet customer expectations. By noticing what trends are occurring and analysing your customers frustrations, retailers will have a better understanding of how to meet customer expectations.

Online consumers will hastily “jump ship” if their needs are not being met, with one in three consumers looking for an alternative company after just one bad experience.

We decided to talk to customers to see what current issues they face on a daily basis when it came to their online purchasing.

1) Delivery Issues
Customers have said they faced delivery issues on a regular basis. Lost or damaged goods and prolonged wait times were their major grievances.

2) Inadequate Returns & Refunds Process
Customers have described the process as incredibly disjointed and long – taking weeks, and sometimes even months, for returns and refunds to be actioned by the retailer (if they are at all).

3) Poor Customer Service
Over 40% of customers have said they struggled to get in touch with the retailer

To combat these issues, brands need to focus on their fulfilment and shipping strategy. Adapting their delivery processes and operations will inevitably go a long way to improving brand experience and satisfying customer demands.

A customer centric approach is the only way for a modern day eCommerce store to grow. 
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