How COVID-19 has affected eCommerce businesses

Online stores are now being forced to quickly adapt due to the influx of orders and delivery issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The global pandemic has resulted in a multitude of long-term effects that have shaped the way online retail will operate now, and forever into the future. 

With increased demand, there has never been a better time for online retailers to focus on their operations and ensure a seamless customer experience.

The global eCommerce market is projected to rise to over USD 4.5 trillion by 2021, with the upward trend for online retail purchases becoming exponentially stronger on the back of COVID-19.

The supply chain and delivery issues brought about by the chaos of the pandemic have created a plethora of problems that eCommerce stores must overcome in order to meet their customers’ expectations and enhance their brand experience. 

Recently, we’ve seen large waves of panic buying, with some eCommerce giants like Amazon stating they aren’t even able to keep up with consumer demands. 

Parcel volume has increased by 90% since last year, averaging almost 2 million a day since the beginning of COVID-19. Next day deliveries have also grown to over 31.7 percent, a dramatic increase from the 19 percent seen earlier this year.

The industry has seen significant delays in not only manufacturing, but also customs clearance, as well as the general transportation of goods. This has caused great frustration for consumers who are waiting on their delivery to arrive.

Retailers are also starting to appreciate that the customer journey does not stop at the point of purchase. Fulfilment and shipping have now become the focal point and rightfully so. Customers are fickle, and in order to build a strong brand experience, it’s necessary for retailers to focus on a holistic approach to ensuring customer expectations are met.

With the rise in these delivery issues globally, it’s no wonder that lost or damaged goods are at the front and centre of both online retailers and consumers’ minds. Never before has the need for a seamless delivery experience been so critical. Customers are still demanding efficient and hassle free delivery even in the face of these uncertain times. It’s no surprise that squeezed margins and unhappy customers will damage a brand. Retailers who have been able to adapt the way they handle their logistics have quickly gained a competitive advantage.

It’s critical for eCommerce stores to operate flawlessly during the pandemic. A service like Freighty enables brands to really add value to their customers’ buying journey. With the rise of online purchases and delivery circumstances being so unpredictable for the foreseeable future, installing an application like Freighty for your online store will help your business adapt to these changing times and gain a competitive advantage by delighting your customers.

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