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We have partnered with some of Australia’s leading eCommerce Development Agencies and Digital Marketing Agencies.

Partnering with Freighty is simple, and will help grow your Agency and delight your clients.

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Why Partner With Freighty?

FREE for you

Help your eCommerce clients grow

Earn passive income for the lifetime of the account

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Existing Partners

Freighty Integrations API

Become a partner today and recieve exclusive access to the Freighty Integrations API so that you can integrate Freighty directly into your existing ecommerce application.


How easy is it for stores to use Freighty?
Freighty works on any online store. Integration with Freighty is simple and can be done directly via API or using one of our platform plugins.
How long do commissions last for?
Commissions last for the lifetime of the account.
How much is commission?
You will receive a commission of 5% of the gross premium for policies sold via a Shopify store and 10% from any non-Shopify store / Open API
How will I get paid?
You will be paid instantly. BMS will then bill you for the remaining portion of the premium either at the end of each billing period (every 7 days), or when the premium share you have generated equals or exceeds a AUD $20 threshold, whichever occurs sooner
How do I get paid?
Directly to your bank account.
When do I get paid?
By the end of the month following the month the commission was earned.
What’s expected of our partners?
Promoting the Freighty offering to all your existing merchants. In the case of eCommerce development agencies, this includes installing on behalf of your merchants. In the case of digital marketing agencies, we encourage you to contact your merchants about Freighty.
What’s the best way to tell our merchants about Freighty?
What we have found works well is either installing on their behalf, sending out an EDM to them or getting the account managers to check in with them and tell them about Freighty.
How do I sign eCommerce merchants up?

Through the Partner Dashboard. Check out the becoming a partner video for more info.

How do I view the status of the eCommerce stores I have onboarded?

Through the Partner Dashboard

How much does the Partner Program cost?

Nothing, it’s FREE

Will I need to manage anything with the Insurance?

No, we take care of everything for you

Do products need to be within a minimum or maximum price to be eligible?

There is no minimum price. Maximum is AUD $5,000 per cart

What is the insurance premium % the customer pays?

Usually around 1-2% of the total cart value.

What happens when a customer makes a claim?

The customer goes to our claims website and follows the steps in a simple process. You won’t be involved in the claims process at all.

Will it affect how stores look?
No, Freighty looks good on any store. Additionally, the layout of the insurance offering is easily customisable to fit whatever design you prefer.
Who do I contact for support?
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